What They're Saying About Gainesville4sale.com

Here's a sampling of the feedback we receive about Gainesville4sale.com

"I tell everyone about your site now. I look at the ads every week now even when I am not looking for anything specific. I now have sucessfully found a good home for my ginuea pig in less than a week. Thank you very much." -- Andee Scott

"You're site works wonders! Thanks so much for helping me get rid of my stuff in a very expedient manner." -- Patrick Steed

"Sold my wicker set in just 3 days. Thanks Gainesville4sale.com. You are making my moving situation more enjoyable." -- Linda Smajstrla

"Love your site. Thank you. I received several calls about my car due to the listing placed herein. Kudos and thanks for the FREE listing. :)" -- Dr. Tim Ketterson

"Really good site. I really like it, I received like 5 or more emails from people interested in my scooter." -- Haydana Perez

"Very, very happy with this site. Thank you." -- James Griffis

"Second success as a seller! This time a VW style toddler car bed. Thanks!" -- James Kocher

"Thank you for allowing me to place a free ad to find a home for my dog. I received several telephone calls and e-mails and was able to find a very good home for my dog." -- Jim Sadowski

"I was very pleased. My first listing, a bedroom set, sold in 3 days!!!" -- Derek Sirmans

"Thanks so much for helping me find a good home for my pets. I can not believe I found a home the same day the ad posted. I will be coming here everytime I need to sell something or find something. Thanks Again!!!" -- Kimberly Kimball

"I used both Ocala4sale and Gainesville4sale to solicit for a cleaning service to be set up in my home. Because I live in both cities, I was having difficulty finding someone to travel to the area. I received over 20 responses in the first few days, and was able to select someone that I am very happy with. Thanks so much for this easy-to-use, free service that is a definite benefit to both communities, and to those of us in between." -- Sabrina Abbott

"Placing the ad in your classifieds was good, as i got lot of responses. Thanks so much." -- Sam Khatri

"I sold the car yesterday. Thanks to you and thisfree add. I never would believe it could be this easyfor the private person. For that I again thank you andyour staff for this great service for the common personto use to sell. And also to buy... I bought a saddle.Now I am looking at baby pigmy goats. How great is that!I am sure I have other things I need to sell so I'll beback." -- Bruce Figureid

"I have been using your site for the last several weeks, and it has made me money. Easy to use ,very simple and to the point. I love it. Thank you." -- James Griffis

"Thank you so much, my ad was on there for 2 hours and Isold it and met the lady that day! It was super fast andeasy. Thank you for it being free!!" -- Alyse Welder

"Gainesville4sale is the best way to avertise anything." -- Kara Sanchez

"Gainesville4sale.com is just a wonderful place to put the ad on. I sold my car within 2 days!" -- Feng Xin

"Someone called me within 20 minutes of posting and bought my washer and dryer the same day." -- Vegan Jen

"I really appreciate the opportunity to useGainesville4sale.com because it is clean, easy to use,and much more user friendly. I use gainesville4sale.commore than the Gainesville Sun. I always come here first,and have always had faster contact and found more jobson gainesville4sale, more than I thought I ever wouldhave had. Thanks gainvesville4sale for all your help!"-- Jeff Wallace

"Gainesville4sale.com really works! I was searching for weeks for a used Lil Tykes Kitchen using the local paper and wasted a lot of time driving to out of the way places only to find that the kitchen advertised was in poor condition! I finally found one posted on your web site and within hours the owner emailed me a picture of the kitchen - which was perfect! Your web site saved me so much time and it is so easy to use! Thank you Gainesville4Sale.com". -- Laurel Housden

"I am very glad I heard about gainseville4sale.com on the radio I was able to sell my truck in less then 2 weeks and best of all it was free to advertise. Thank You." -- Jennifer Holmes

"Thank you so much. With this ad I was able to sell my chickens within a day." - Butch Putrell

"Thank you Gainesville4sale.com for selling my vessel thefirst day." -- Dick Garcia

"First time using this site to sell my first set ofpuppies and I had a really good outcome. Several emailsthe first 2 weeks and finally got buyers for them as faras Okeechobee and Fort Lauderdale. Thanks. I will useGainesville4sale.com again!!" -- Margaret Crosby

"It worked for me in just a few days." -- Joel Bridges

"Aquarium sold in 2 days!! Thanks a lot." -- David Davison

"Thanks to your wonderful ad, I sold my motorcycle in a week. " -- James Stanley

"Thank you Gainesville4sale, the motorcycle I listed had numerous responses and even one legitimate inquiry from Canada. It sold fast." -- George G. Kerridge

"Sold in less than a week. Much better than traditional classified ad. Got full asking price and it didn't cost me anything! Thanks!" -- Robby MacNeille

"I posted my ad on several other sites, but got no responses. I had loads of responses from Gainesville4sale.com and my bird sold very quickly. Thanks a bunch." -- Anna Elrod

"I LOVE this site! My TV sold 1st day!" -- Denise Dube

"Sold my Nokia cell phone via your site. Buyer came the same day and paid in cash. Love your site, will always use it! Thanks." -- Eric Sapp

"Thank you Gainesville4sale.com! I was surprised to receive the amount of calls I received. Obviously your service works! I sold my van in a week." -- Mark Cesare

"WoW! Sold my Duet Washer and Dryer in a week, to a wonderful young couple for their new Home. Once Again, much better then local papers and Free!" -- Sandy Daniels

"When a stray pregnant cat came to our door and had 4 beautiful kittens, we were worried these cats would suffer the same fate as other street cats: impounded or hurt by other animals. But thanks to Gainesville4sale.com, we were able to place every single kitten in a good home. Thank you!!!" -- Julia Lewis

"Thank you so much. We have had so many calls regarding our dog, and found a wonderful home for her in a matter of 2 days." -- Jennifer Rentschler

"I found that using Gainesville4sale.com to be very successful! I recommend using Gainesville4sale.com to everyone I know! -- Jessica Throckmorton

"Very good experience." -- Denise Pagan

"Wonderful!! I sold my furniture for full price and so quickly!!!" -- Kiersten Austad

"This was a great service that I desparately needed! Thank you so much." -- Stacy Acquista

"My advertised item sold in one week onGainesville4sale.com. Thanks." -- Charles Wilhoit

"My item was on gainesville4sale.com for only a few days and it sold right away. Thanks Gainesville4sale.com." -- Michael Adams

"This is the third thing we have sold by using Gainesville4sale.com. The big thing was one of our homes!! We buy and sell on Gainesville4sale.com daily." -- Mary Lou Hensley

My item was sold successfully in less than 2 weeks. I am very satisfied with Gainesville4sale.com and would recommend it to anyone." -- Winifred Wadsworth

"Thank you for such a great service!!! I posted my car on Labor Day and the very next day I found a buyer. I will definitly recommend this site to other people. Thanks again." -- Lucy Frank

"Thanks Gainesville4sale.com, I got my jap chin poodle a good home within 2 days of putting the ad on." -- Sandra Woodard

"This is a great service. I sold my item in a week after posting my ad. Thank you." -- Lisa Hall

" I was very satisfied with your services, and will use them and recomend them again. Thank you." -- Kim Godlove

"WOW!!!! I sold my item within 3 days. Buyer was super friendly. Way to go Gainesville4sale! I will always sell with you." -- Brian Rillstein

"You're site was a lifesaver. I found homes for 4 kittens and 5 guinea pigs in less than a week. Thank you soooo much." -- Hollie Ferraro

"Wow, what an amazing service Gainesville4sale.com offers! And it's FREE! I got loads of calls, sold my car in 48 hours, and never had to spend a dime on a newspaper ad." -- Barbara G. Cox

"Thanks to this web site, we sold our item in as little as two days. Again, Thanks." -- Cheryl Partridge

"Thank you so much, our horese sold within a couple of weeks!" -- Ann Gilbert

"Sold my Jeep in 24 hours." -- Bill Green

"After listing my go-cart with the Gainesville Sun for $50, I listed it here and sold it in 5 days, FOR FREE !!! Thanks for the great service!!" -- Bill Marinello

"Thanks to this web site, we sold our item in as little as two days." -- Cheryl Partridge

"This ad wasn't even on for 24 hours and I sold it!!! Thanks Gainesville4sale.com." -- Dennis Mycoff

"This was the first time using this site. I sold my scuba gear in about 10 days. It was very easy to use and I was impressed with my success. I will use it again when I sell something else." -- Gregg Wise

"Rented my home in one day! Great site!" -- Rhonda Miller

"Unreal sold [motorcycle] in two days!!! WOW!!! Thank You Gainesville4sale.com you are the best!!!" -- Billy Pruette

"I've always read the ads on this website, but this was the first time I posted one of my own and I was very surprised at how many responses I got. Not only did I find exactly what I was looking for, I got so many responses that I could even be picky about which ones I wanted to respond to. It only took me a week to find exactly what I was looking for." -- Rochelle Meddoff

"Great coverage, good response from ads placed here for my camper. Thank you." -- Art Stringer

"Gainesville4sale.com is the best way to avertise anything," -- Kara Sanchez

"I had quick response when the ad posted. I thank you for offering this service. Now we just need to sell the treadmill (which is also listed) :)" -- Kathy Graham

"Another item SOLD!! Had so many responses about my ad that I lost count. My item sold by the 2nd day. Thanks Gainesville4sale.com!!" -- Margaret Crosby

"Thank You so much Gainesville4sale.com you helped me somuch!!!!! -- Cynthia Boettcher

"I was very satisfied with this service. The ad was easy to place and I had several responses to my ad and eventually sold my piano to a music student at UF." -- Steve Fette

"This was the first time I used Gainsville4sale.com and got responses within 24 hrs. All good. Thank you for your help in finding a lost Pomeranian a loving home. You guys are great! God Bless." -- Iris Marin

"Thanks! Because of your excellent website, we were able to find a great new home for our pet chicken and meet a wonderful person too!" -- Katy Maclean

"Thanks for the great, free site. I had to list the piano twice, but it sold immediately the second time. I have been spreading the word to all of my friends about your site, and they all think the concept is great. Keep up the good work." -- Linda Smajstrla

"Thank you for helping me sale my car. It sold the first day I placed the ad." -- Ray Vanterpool

"Thank you so much again, my ad was not even on the sitefor a full day and it sold. I had numerous emails andphone calls for the ad within little time. This is my3rd item sold on Gainesville4sale.com! Thank you for thead being free!" -- Alyse Welder

"I posted my horse trailer on both Gainesville and it sold in 5 days in Tampa! Both offer great exposure and results. Thanks." -- Tim Currier

"I love this site, lots of hits and quick sales!" --ThomasDann

"Response time was very quick with this site. I had multiple calls within the first few days and sold my car within a week of placing the ad." -- Marianne Cuevas

"Thank you Gainesville4sale! My little dachshund was sold after the first e-mail I received. You guys rock!" -- Matthew Warden

"Sold my desk to the first looker. Thanks for your help." -- Henry Sapp

"I Love your website and advertising is fun now." -- Marilyn Browning

"My puppies weren't on there but 20 minutes and the puppies were gone. Thank you so much." -- Crystal Kowalsky

"Thanks Gainesville4sale.com. My item sold in 2 days. This was the easy and least expensive ad I could run, & it worked! Thanks Again." -- Todd Douglas

"Had numerous emails and calls regarding our ad and did sell the item we had listed." -- Barbara Young

"This was the best experience I have had in selling my car. The car sold within 2 days of posting ! Thanks Gainesville4sale.com!!!" -- Amber Zabor

"My washer/dryer sold within 3 days of posting my ad on Gainesville4sale.com. Thank you so much! I never expected it to sell so fast!" -- Sara Williams

"Had numerous emails and calls regarding our ad and did sell the item we had listed." -- Barbara Young

"Thank you once again, Gainesville4sale.com is a great and easy way to sell my unneeded items." -- Danielle Mohamed

"Tractor sold. Thanks for your help." -- Lynn Tramel

"This is the second vehicle I have sold through Gainesville4sale.com. and I am very pleased with the results of advertising on your site. Thanks,." -- Michael Jeff

"THANK YOU, my go kart sold quicker than I thought it would! And the sale was done with a very honest person." -- Joe Darvis

"I have sold pretty much everything I have listed with Gainesville4sale.com within a week of placing my ad. Its easy. Its fast. Best of all its FREE!!! I love this place. Keep up the good work." -- Stacie Payne

"I was amazed by the response I've received from my ads on Gainesville4sale.com. I sold my desk in 5 days and several people interested in the TV. Thank you!" -- Patty Alten

"Great experience, easy ad placement and my car had several inquiries and sold within 2 weeks. Thanks!"-- Kristie Gregory

"I ran an ad looking for a used baby bed. I have found one. Thanks very much for this service." -- Margie Stevens

"This really works, sold my boat w/trailor less than a week!!!WOW. Much faster than the classifieds any day." -- David Hylton

"Such a fast sale thanks to your site. Saddle sold within a week. Thanks so much." -- Anna Marion

"Gainesville4sale.com was a great place to get exposure for selling my motorcycle. I regularly received 2 inquiries a day regarding my ad. Thanks Gainesville4sale.com." -- John Mayfield

"The sale of the vehicle was very quick, easy and successful through Gainesville4sale.com." -- Tim Watson

"Gainesville4sale.com is a great place to sell items you no longer need." -- Bea Gayheart

"Gainesville4sale worked great. We sold our washer and dryer set within a week. We had to lower the original asking price a little bit and Gainesville4sale made that very easy. We got replies from Gainesville and the surrounding area. Plus, it was free, what more can you ask!" -- Pete Hansen

"Found one! Thanks so much for running my ad." -- Ray Vanterpool

"I was worried about finding homes for four kittens that I had. Thanks to Gainesville4sale.com, they all found homes within 3 days! Thanks!" -- Judy Padgett

"I listed my car for sale and in less than 1 week I sold it for the asking price. Very easy to deal with and I will recommend this site to everyone."
-- Paul Fisher

"This was a great experience! If it weren't forGainesville4sale.com we wouldn't have found the buyerfrom Gainesville for the van! Thanks a bunch! -- Jason Fletcher

"Very easy would do again. Thanks." -- Chris Greene

"I put the add on and the movie went so fast. Thank you for doing that." -- Patricia Miller

"My property sold in two days after being on your website. Thanks for making it possible for me to put an ad on your website." -- Kathy Trogdon

"Your site is great. Thanks." -- Chris Greene

"Thank you for letting me put my ad on your web site. I most likely would have not sold it with out your help." -- Wendy Landon

"Sold my stacked washer & dryer in TWO DAYS!  Your freeadvertisingservice gets better results than paid newspaperclassifieds. Keep up thegreat work! -- Aurora Hawkyard

"I am pleased with the responses I got when I put mytravel trailer on Gainesville4sale.com. I sold it inabout a month." Buford Scott

"This is the second item we have sold using Gainesville4sale.com. We are very satisfied with your service." -- Janice McDonald

"Thanks for helping me sell my computer and other items as well. I also had an electric range some weeks ago that I had been trying to sell through the Gainesville Sun add but was unsuccessful. After listing it on Gainesville4sale.com, it sold in one week. Thank you." -- Timothy Tyler

"I sold both of my items in a matter of a week. I would use Gainesville4sale.com again!" -- Andrea

"Thank you so much for your service, you guys are great." -- Ashley Jackson

"We had calls from all over, and the items sold with little trouble. Thanks for the service you provide." -- Paul Schoaff

"This was great. So easy. I had response from all over Fl. Some drove 3 hours. Thank you all." -- Diana Beedy

"I'd really like to think Gainesville4sale for all they have to offer. I was actually able to get responses from my ads of for sale and wanted. I had problems elsewhere and here I only had to wait a few days. Thank you." -- Melissa Joiner

"Our land sold on Gainesville4Sale.com in just one day. Received the deposit today after our buyer flew down from N.Y. to check it out. Thanks a million! I can hardly believe the amount of inquiries we've had. Thanks again." -- Dick Bage

"Thank you Gainesville4sale.com. Within 4 days my item sold. You make my life easier. I will always turn to your site to sell my items. Thank you again." -- Ashley

"Thanks so much for running my ad. My car sold in three days. Keep up the good work." -- Ray Vanterpool

"I tell everyone about how awesome Gainesville4sale.com is! So far I have sold my convertable, found a loving home for our family pet, and sub leased our apartment! Need I say more? I can't believe this service is free! Thanks Gainesville4sale.com, I will always use your service!" -- Angie Orfield

"I placed an ad on Gainesville4sale.com and sold my furniture within a few days. The process was simple and quick. Best of all, it was free! Thank you Gainesville4sale.com." -- Arian Williams

"Thank you. Had 8 calls or emails about this. Sold to second person that looked at it. This is a great service." -- Joey Westfield

"I am withdrawing my kitten wanted ad because I found a delightful kitten shortly after on your site. Thank you for this wonderful resource." -- Kathy Ryan

"I have advertised my weight bench at great expense in two local papers. I heard your ad on K-Country (WGOC) and tried it. Within several days, I had several responses and this morning sold both! I (and my garage space) thanks you!!" -- Jan Plym

"Thank you for allowing me to place a free ad to find a home for my dog. I received several telephone calls and e-mails and was able to find a very good home for my dog." -- Jim Sadowski

"I am very happy with the success we have on Gainesville4sale.com Thanks." -- Dennis Mycoff

"Response time was very quick with this site. I had multiple calls within the first few days and sold my car within a week of placing the ad." -- Marianne Cuevas

"Thank you so much for your wonderful site!! The sale provided much needed funds." -- Elizabeth Pokorny

"Lots of responses! Thanks!" -- Lisa Finch

"This is the greatest employment web site I have ever seen. I received great wonderful people and right away too! I'll be back with all my job listings in the future!" -- Gretta Green VP of Operations with Eagle Medical Services, Inc.

"I placed an ad at 3pm and our boat was sold and out of our yard by 7pm the same day. Talk about a fast return! Thanks Gainesville4sale.com!" -- Shannon Bass

"Gainesville4sale.com was an easy way to sell my items and everything worked out well. Thank you." -- Kelly MacDougall

"Thank you for letting me advertise on Gainesville4sale. I was surprised at how many serious inquires I had and how fast my mini mares sold!!!" -- Robynn Trautman

"I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that I had been very satisfied and amazed by Gainesville4sale.com. I sold my car within 3 days with just a free posting. This website generated 3x more responses than what I got for my ad in Autotrader (paid ad). Thanks." -- Ramesh Dendukuri

"I was a little scared about posting my furniture for sale online. To my surprise within 24hrs of posting I had 6 people interested in purchasing the furniture. I can't believe how fast it sold on Gainesville4sale.com. Thanks." -- Rachael Fox

"Fantastic!! We sold our vehicle to a very happy couple who found just what they were looking for!! Thanks!!" -- Earl & Linda Trent

"Thank you for a successful sale!" -- Kat Worden

"I can't express my appreciation for this site enough. Taxes are due and who has the money to pay for a classified ad when your trying to make money. Two days after my ad posted, I was in negotiations with a buyer for my car, within the week it was sold. Thanks so much." -- Elania Spain

"THANK YOU!!!!!! Gainesville4sale.com is the best website for buying or selling merchandise!!!" -- Patricia Klocko

"This site is great! I really needed to sell my truck. And in a day and a half I had gotten 7 responses and sold it. I recommend Gainesville4sale to anyone needing to sell something quick, and it's free. Thank You." -- Gina Starling

"My home sold in 2 days!!! Thank YouGainesville4sale.com." -- Carolyn Dilello

"Thanks for advertising my furniture. This is the second time I have used this site for things I need to sell or find. Saved me and my husband a lot of gas and time to do other things. Thanks Again." -- Maria D. Vanterpool

"Thanks to Gainesville4sale.com, I sold my item in 3 days. I placed it in the local newspaper classified for 10 days with no response. Thank you Gainesville4sale..com." -- Matilda McCoy

"Sold it in two days!!! Unreal!!! I love Gainesville4sale!" -- Brian Richards

"My item was sold successfully in less than 2 weeks. I am very satisfied with Gainesville4sale.com and would recommend it to anyone." -- Thomas Jones