What They're Saying About Gainesville4sale.com

Here's a sampling of the feedback we receive about Gainesville4sale.com

"My item was on gainesville4sale.com for only a few days and it sold right away. Thanks Gainesville4sale.com." -- Michael Adams

"I put the add on and the movie went so fast. Thank you for doing that." -- Patricia Miller

"I have advertised my weight bench at great expense in two local papers. I heard your ad on K-Country (WGOC) and tried it. Within several days, I had several responses and this morning sold both! I (and my garage space) thanks you!!" -- Jan Plym

"I found that using Gainesville4sale.com to be very successful! I recommend using Gainesville4sale.com to everyone I know! -- Jessica Throckmorton

"I have been using your site for the last several weeks, and it has made me money. Easy to use ,very simple and to the point. I love it. Thank you." -- James Griffis

"Thank You so much Gainesville4sale.com you helped me somuch!!!!! -- Cynthia Boettcher

"I listed my car for sale and in less than 1 week I sold it for the asking price. Very easy to deal with and I will recommend this site to everyone."
-- Paul Fisher

"I used both Ocala4sale and Gainesville4sale to solicit for a cleaning service to be set up in my home. Because I live in both cities, I was having difficulty finding someone to travel to the area. I received over 20 responses in the first few days, and was able to select someone that I am very happy with. Thanks so much for this easy-to-use, free service that is a definite benefit to both communities, and to those of us in between." -- Sabrina Abbott

"This was the best experience I have had in selling my car. The car sold within 2 days of posting ! Thanks Gainesville4sale.com!!!" -- Amber Zabor

"Response time was very quick with this site. I had multiple calls within the first few days and sold my car within a week of placing the ad." -- Marianne Cuevas

"I tell everyone about how awesome Gainesville4sale.com is! So far I have sold my convertable, found a loving home for our family pet, and sub leased our apartment! Need I say more? I can't believe this service is free! Thanks Gainesville4sale.com, I will always use your service!" -- Angie Orfield

"THANK YOU, my go kart sold quicker than I thought it would! And the sale was done with a very honest person." -- Joe Darvis

"I was very pleased. My first listing, a bedroom set, sold in 3 days!!!" -- Derek Sirmans

"Someone called me within 20 minutes of posting and bought my washer and dryer the same day." -- Vegan Jen

"Thanks to this web site, we sold our item in as little as two days. Again, Thanks." -- Cheryl Partridge

"Gainesville4sale.com was a great place to get exposure for selling my motorcycle. I regularly received 2 inquiries a day regarding my ad. Thanks Gainesville4sale.com." -- John Mayfield

"I placed an ad on Gainesville4sale.com and sold my furniture within a few days. The process was simple and quick. Best of all, it was free! Thank you Gainesville4sale.com." -- Arian Williams

"I am pleased with the responses I got when I put mytravel trailer on Gainesville4sale.com. I sold it inabout a month." Buford Scott

"Gainesville4sale.com really works! I was searching for weeks for a used Lil Tykes Kitchen using the local paper and wasted a lot of time driving to out of the way places only to find that the kitchen advertised was in poor condition! I finally found one posted on your web site and within hours the owner emailed me a picture of the kitchen - which was perfect! Your web site saved me so much time and it is so easy to use! Thank you Gainesville4Sale.com". -- Laurel Housden

"This is a great service. I sold my item in a week after posting my ad. Thank you." -- Lisa Hall

"This was the first time I used Gainsville4sale.com and got responses within 24 hrs. All good. Thank you for your help in finding a lost Pomeranian a loving home. You guys are great! God Bless." -- Iris Marin

"This was great. So easy. I had response from all over Fl. Some drove 3 hours. Thank you all." -- Diana Beedy

"This really works, sold my boat w/trailor less than a week!!!WOW. Much faster than the classifieds any day." -- David Hylton

"I am withdrawing my kitten wanted ad because I found a delightful kitten shortly after on your site. Thank you for this wonderful resource." -- Kathy Ryan

"Thanks to Gainesville4sale.com, I sold my item in 3 days. I placed it in the local newspaper classified for 10 days with no response. Thank you Gainesville4sale..com." -- Matilda McCoy

"Thank you. Had 8 calls or emails about this. Sold to second person that looked at it. This is a great service." -- Joey Westfield

"I can't express my appreciation for this site enough. Taxes are due and who has the money to pay for a classified ad when your trying to make money. Two days after my ad posted, I was in negotiations with a buyer for my car, within the week it was sold. Thanks so much." -- Elania Spain

"Thank you for a successful sale!" -- Kat Worden

"This was the first time using this site. I sold my scuba gear in about 10 days. It was very easy to use and I was impressed with my success. I will use it again when I sell something else." -- Gregg Wise

"Sold my wicker set in just 3 days. Thanks Gainesville4sale.com. You are making my moving situation more enjoyable." -- Linda Smajstrla

"I'd really like to think Gainesville4sale for all they have to offer. I was actually able to get responses from my ads of for sale and wanted. I had problems elsewhere and here I only had to wait a few days. Thank you." -- Melissa Joiner

"I was a little scared about posting my furniture for sale online. To my surprise within 24hrs of posting I had 6 people interested in purchasing the furniture. I can't believe how fast it sold on Gainesville4sale.com. Thanks." -- Rachael Fox

"This was a great service that I desparately needed! Thank you so much." -- Stacy Acquista

"Thank you for allowing me to place a free ad to find a home for my dog. I received several telephone calls and e-mails and was able to find a very good home for my dog." -- Jim Sadowski

"Thanks so much for helping me find a good home for my pets. I can not believe I found a home the same day the ad posted. I will be coming here everytime I need to sell something or find something. Thanks Again!!!" -- Kimberly Kimball

"Rented my home in one day! Great site!" -- Rhonda Miller

"Placing the ad in your classifieds was good, as i got lot of responses. Thanks so much." -- Sam Khatri

"Thank you so much. With this ad I was able to sell my chickens within a day." - Butch Putrell

"The sale of the vehicle was very quick, easy and successful through Gainesville4sale.com." -- Tim Watson

"You're site was a lifesaver. I found homes for 4 kittens and 5 guinea pigs in less than a week. Thank you soooo much." -- Hollie Ferraro

"Thank you for letting me put my ad on your web site. I most likely would have not sold it with out your help." -- Wendy Landon

"Gainesville4sale worked great. We sold our washer and dryer set within a week. We had to lower the original asking price a little bit and Gainesville4sale made that very easy. We got replies from Gainesville and the surrounding area. Plus, it was free, what more can you ask!" -- Pete Hansen

"Thank you for helping me sale my car. It sold the first day I placed the ad." -- Ray Vanterpool

"Very, very happy with this site. Thank you." -- James Griffis

"Thank you Gainesville4sale.com! I was surprised to receive the amount of calls I received. Obviously your service works! I sold my van in a week." -- Mark Cesare

"Great coverage, good response from ads placed here for my camper. Thank you." -- Art Stringer

"Sold my Nokia cell phone via your site. Buyer came the same day and paid in cash. Love your site, will always use it! Thanks." -- Eric Sapp

"Thank you so much, our horese sold within a couple of weeks!" -- Ann Gilbert

"I was very satisfied with this service. The ad was easy to place and I had several responses to my ad and eventually sold my piano to a music student at UF." -- Steve Fette

"Gainesville4sale is the best way to avertise anything." -- Kara Sanchez

"This is the second item we have sold using Gainesville4sale.com. We are very satisfied with your service." -- Janice McDonald

"Gainesville4sale.com was an easy way to sell my items and everything worked out well. Thank you." -- Kelly MacDougall

"This is the greatest employment web site I have ever seen. I received great wonderful people and right away too! I'll be back with all my job listings in the future!" -- Gretta Green VP of Operations with Eagle Medical Services, Inc.

"I really appreciate the opportunity to useGainesville4sale.com because it is clean, easy to use,and much more user friendly. I use gainesville4sale.commore than the Gainesville Sun. I always come here first,and have always had faster contact and found more jobson gainesville4sale, more than I thought I ever wouldhave had. Thanks gainvesville4sale for all your help!"-- Jeff Wallace

"Fantastic!! We sold our vehicle to a very happy couple who found just what they were looking for!! Thanks!!" -- Earl & Linda Trent

"Thank you so much. We have had so many calls regarding our dog, and found a wonderful home for her in a matter of 2 days." -- Jennifer Rentschler

"First time using this site to sell my first set ofpuppies and I had a really good outcome. Several emailsthe first 2 weeks and finally got buyers for them as faras Okeechobee and Fort Lauderdale. Thanks. I will useGainesville4sale.com again!!" -- Margaret Crosby

"WOW!!!! I sold my item within 3 days. Buyer was super friendly. Way to go Gainesville4sale! I will always sell with you." -- Brian Rillstein

My item was sold successfully in less than 2 weeks. I am very satisfied with Gainesville4sale.com and would recommend it to anyone." -- Winifred Wadsworth

"Sold in less than a week. Much better than traditional classified ad. Got full asking price and it didn't cost me anything! Thanks!" -- Robby MacNeille

"Lots of responses! Thanks!" -- Lisa Finch

"Thanks to this web site, we sold our item in as little as two days." -- Cheryl Partridge

"WoW! Sold my Duet Washer and Dryer in a week, to a wonderful young couple for their new Home. Once Again, much better then local papers and Free!" -- Sandy Daniels

"Another item SOLD!! Had so many responses about my ad that I lost count. My item sold by the 2nd day. Thanks Gainesville4sale.com!!" -- Margaret Crosby

"Response time was very quick with this site. I had multiple calls within the first few days and sold my car within a week of placing the ad." -- Marianne Cuevas

"This ad wasn't even on for 24 hours and I sold it!!! Thanks Gainesville4sale.com." -- Dennis Mycoff

"My puppies weren't on there but 20 minutes and the puppies were gone. Thank you so much." -- Crystal Kowalsky

"I ran an ad looking for a used baby bed. I have found one. Thanks very much for this service." -- Margie Stevens

"I LOVE this site! My TV sold 1st day!" -- Denise Dube

"Sold my Jeep in 24 hours." -- Bill Green

"Love your site. Thank you. I received several calls about my car due to the listing placed herein. Kudos and thanks for the FREE listing. :)" -- Dr. Tim Ketterson

"I sold both of my items in a matter of a week. I would use Gainesville4sale.com again!" -- Andrea

"Found one! Thanks so much for running my ad." -- Ray Vanterpool

"You're site works wonders! Thanks so much for helping me get rid of my stuff in a very expedient manner." -- Patrick Steed

"This is the second vehicle I have sold through Gainesville4sale.com. and I am very pleased with the results of advertising on your site. Thanks,." -- Michael Jeff

"Gainesville4sale.com is just a wonderful place to put the ad on. I sold my car within 2 days!" -- Feng Xin

"I posted my ad on several other sites, but got no responses. I had loads of responses from Gainesville4sale.com and my bird sold very quickly. Thanks a bunch." -- Anna Elrod

"It worked for me in just a few days." -- Joel Bridges

"Tractor sold. Thanks for your help." -- Lynn Tramel

"Thank you Gainesville4sale.com for selling my vessel thefirst day." -- Dick Garcia

"Very easy would do again. Thanks." -- Chris Greene

"Wonderful!! I sold my furniture for full price and so quickly!!!" -- Kiersten Austad

"This was a great experience! If it weren't forGainesville4sale.com we wouldn't have found the buyerfrom Gainesville for the van! Thanks a bunch! -- Jason Fletcher

"My item was sold successfully in less than 2 weeks. I am very satisfied with Gainesville4sale.com and would recommend it to anyone." -- Thomas Jones

"Thank you once again, Gainesville4sale.com is a great and easy way to sell my unneeded items." -- Danielle Mohamed

"Unreal sold [motorcycle] in two days!!! WOW!!! Thank You Gainesville4sale.com you are the best!!!" -- Billy Pruette

"Thank you for letting me advertise on Gainesville4sale. I was surprised at how many serious inquires I had and how fast my mini mares sold!!!" -- Robynn Trautman

"Thanks so much for running my ad. My car sold in three days. Keep up the good work." -- Ray Vanterpool

"Thanks to your wonderful ad, I sold my motorcycle in a week. " -- James Stanley

"This site is great! I really needed to sell my truck. And in a day and a half I had gotten 7 responses and sold it. I recommend Gainesville4sale to anyone needing to sell something quick, and it's free. Thank You." -- Gina Starling

"I posted my horse trailer on both Gainesville and it sold in 5 days in Tampa! Both offer great exposure and results. Thanks." -- Tim Currier

"I am very glad I heard about gainseville4sale.com on the radio I was able to sell my truck in less then 2 weeks and best of all it was free to advertise. Thank You." -- Jennifer Holmes

"My property sold in two days after being on your website. Thanks for making it possible for me to put an ad on your website." -- Kathy Trogdon

"Sold my desk to the first looker. Thanks for your help." -- Henry Sapp

"Thanks! Because of your excellent website, we were able to find a great new home for our pet chicken and meet a wonderful person too!" -- Katy Maclean

"My washer/dryer sold within 3 days of posting my ad on Gainesville4sale.com. Thank you so much! I never expected it to sell so fast!" -- Sara Williams

"When a stray pregnant cat came to our door and had 4 beautiful kittens, we were worried these cats would suffer the same fate as other street cats: impounded or hurt by other animals. But thanks to Gainesville4sale.com, we were able to place every single kitten in a good home. Thank you!!!" -- Julia Lewis

"Thank you Gainesville4sale, the motorcycle I listed had numerous responses and even one legitimate inquiry from Canada. It sold fast." -- George G. Kerridge

"My advertised item sold in one week onGainesville4sale.com. Thanks." -- Charles Wilhoit

"Sold my stacked washer & dryer in TWO DAYS!  Your freeadvertisingservice gets better results than paid newspaperclassifieds. Keep up thegreat work! -- Aurora Hawkyard

" I was very satisfied with your services, and will use them and recomend them again. Thank you." -- Kim Godlove

"I love this site, lots of hits and quick sales!" --ThomasDann

"Thank you so much, my ad was on there for 2 hours and Isold it and met the lady that day! It was super fast andeasy. Thank you for it being free!!" -- Alyse Welder

"I Love your website and advertising is fun now." -- Marilyn Browning

"Thank you Gainesville4sale.com. Within 4 days my item sold. You make my life easier. I will always turn to your site to sell my items. Thank you again." -- Ashley

"Thank you Gainesville4sale! My little dachshund was sold after the first e-mail I received. You guys rock!" -- Matthew Warden

"Thank you for allowing me to place a free ad to find a home for my dog. I received several telephone calls and e-mails and was able to find a very good home for my dog." -- Jim Sadowski

"Thanks for advertising my furniture. This is the second time I have used this site for things I need to sell or find. Saved me and my husband a lot of gas and time to do other things. Thanks Again." -- Maria D. Vanterpool

"I had quick response when the ad posted. I thank you for offering this service. Now we just need to sell the treadmill (which is also listed) :)" -- Kathy Graham

"I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that I had been very satisfied and amazed by Gainesville4sale.com. I sold my car within 3 days with just a free posting. This website generated 3x more responses than what I got for my ad in Autotrader (paid ad). Thanks." -- Ramesh Dendukuri

"I've always read the ads on this website, but this was the first time I posted one of my own and I was very surprised at how many responses I got. Not only did I find exactly what I was looking for, I got so many responses that I could even be picky about which ones I wanted to respond to. It only took me a week to find exactly what I was looking for." -- Rochelle Meddoff

"I placed an ad at 3pm and our boat was sold and out of our yard by 7pm the same day. Talk about a fast return! Thanks Gainesville4sale.com!" -- Shannon Bass

"Had numerous emails and calls regarding our ad and did sell the item we had listed." -- Barbara Young

"Very good experience." -- Denise Pagan

"Second success as a seller! This time a VW style toddler car bed. Thanks!" -- James Kocher

"I sold the car yesterday. Thanks to you and thisfree add. I never would believe it could be this easyfor the private person. For that I again thank you andyour staff for this great service for the common personto use to sell. And also to buy... I bought a saddle.Now I am looking at baby pigmy goats. How great is that!I am sure I have other things I need to sell so I'll beback." -- Bruce Figureid

"Such a fast sale thanks to your site. Saddle sold within a week. Thanks so much." -- Anna Marion

"Gainesville4sale.com is the best way to avertise anything," -- Kara Sanchez

"I tell everyone about your site now. I look at the ads every week now even when I am not looking for anything specific. I now have sucessfully found a good home for my ginuea pig in less than a week. Thank you very much." -- Andee Scott

"I am very happy with the success we have on Gainesville4sale.com Thanks." -- Dennis Mycoff

"Thanks Gainesville4sale.com, I got my jap chin poodle a good home within 2 days of putting the ad on." -- Sandra Woodard

"Thanks for the great, free site. I had to list the piano twice, but it sold immediately the second time. I have been spreading the word to all of my friends about your site, and they all think the concept is great. Keep up the good work." -- Linda Smajstrla

"Thank you so much for your wonderful site!! The sale provided much needed funds." -- Elizabeth Pokorny

"Your site is great. Thanks." -- Chris Greene

"Aquarium sold in 2 days!! Thanks a lot." -- David Davison

"Thank you so much for your service, you guys are great." -- Ashley Jackson

"Our land sold on Gainesville4Sale.com in just one day. Received the deposit today after our buyer flew down from N.Y. to check it out. Thanks a million! I can hardly believe the amount of inquiries we've had. Thanks again." -- Dick Bage

"Sold it in two days!!! Unreal!!! I love Gainesville4sale!" -- Brian Richards

"Had numerous emails and calls regarding our ad and did sell the item we had listed." -- Barbara Young

"This is the third thing we have sold by using Gainesville4sale.com. The big thing was one of our homes!! We buy and sell on Gainesville4sale.com daily." -- Mary Lou Hensley

"I was worried about finding homes for four kittens that I had. Thanks to Gainesville4sale.com, they all found homes within 3 days! Thanks!" -- Judy Padgett

"My home sold in 2 days!!! Thank YouGainesville4sale.com." -- Carolyn Dilello

"After listing my go-cart with the Gainesville Sun for $50, I listed it here and sold it in 5 days, FOR FREE !!! Thanks for the great service!!" -- Bill Marinello

"I have sold pretty much everything I have listed with Gainesville4sale.com within a week of placing my ad. Its easy. Its fast. Best of all its FREE!!! I love this place. Keep up the good work." -- Stacie Payne

"Really good site. I really like it, I received like 5 or more emails from people interested in my scooter." -- Haydana Perez

"Thank you for such a great service!!! I posted my car on Labor Day and the very next day I found a buyer. I will definitly recommend this site to other people. Thanks again." -- Lucy Frank

"Thank you so much again, my ad was not even on the sitefor a full day and it sold. I had numerous emails andphone calls for the ad within little time. This is my3rd item sold on Gainesville4sale.com! Thank you for thead being free!" -- Alyse Welder

"We had calls from all over, and the items sold with little trouble. Thanks for the service you provide." -- Paul Schoaff

"THANK YOU!!!!!! Gainesville4sale.com is the best website for buying or selling merchandise!!!" -- Patricia Klocko

"Thanks Gainesville4sale.com. My item sold in 2 days. This was the easy and least expensive ad I could run, & it worked! Thanks Again." -- Todd Douglas

"Gainesville4sale.com is a great place to sell items you no longer need." -- Bea Gayheart

"Thanks for helping me sell my computer and other items as well. I also had an electric range some weeks ago that I had been trying to sell through the Gainesville Sun add but was unsuccessful. After listing it on Gainesville4sale.com, it sold in one week. Thank you." -- Timothy Tyler

"I was amazed by the response I've received from my ads on Gainesville4sale.com. I sold my desk in 5 days and several people interested in the TV. Thank you!" -- Patty Alten

"Great experience, easy ad placement and my car had several inquiries and sold within 2 weeks. Thanks!"-- Kristie Gregory

"Wow, what an amazing service Gainesville4sale.com offers! And it's FREE! I got loads of calls, sold my car in 48 hours, and never had to spend a dime on a newspaper ad." -- Barbara G. Cox