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Chevroletrss post

Parts - Chevy bell housing, flywheel, clutch, pressure plate, throw out arm, starter, clutch pedal and linkage for 6 cyl. engine. Price: $100. Call: 352-399-4583 or See More Details
Parts - 55,56,57 chevrolet axle retainer plates with new bumpers. Price: $15. Call: 352-399-4583 or See More Details
Parts - Used radiator for 1952 Chevrolet. Price: $50. Call: 352-399-4583 or See More Details

Dodgerss post

What a Beautiful DODGE DART - One of the best 1966 Dart Arla's Used Cars Call: 352-622-2277 or See More Details or View All Listings

Fordrss post

Finished cars and project starters! Check more classic cars 4 sale in Lake City: Lake City Classic Cars for Sale

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Ford cont.

For Sale - 1949 T - Bird (Ford) - It started out as a 1995 Thunderbird but is registered as a 1949 Ford, ● Fuel injected 3.8 V6 engine (new Ford crate engine with less than 10000 mil Price: $25000. Call: 352-753-2428 or See More Details
65 Mustang 5.0 HO Fast - 4700 miles on build outwardly stock but with a 5.0 HO ,5 speed stick, power disc brakes, new tires and wheels, A/ C, tinted windows, am/ fm. Price: $21025. Call: 352-209-1514 or See More Details

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MGrss post

1979 MGB - 1979 MGB, new paint, new electronic distributor, new battery, good top, good interior, no rust, drive it anywhere, 71000 miles Price: $4500. Call: 352-873-7530 or See More Details

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VWrss post

1964 Volvo PV544 - B18 engine; weber carburetor conversion; new front end bushings including king pins ;RV towing equip; clean interior, Vovlo mats; drive it home Price: $7600. Call: 304-481-0789 or See More Details

Other Makesrss post

Magazines - Hotrod magazines from 1955 to 1975,53 magazines total will take best offer. Call: 352-399-4583 or See More Details

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